Rory J Jackson is a professional Michael Jackson tribute artist performing around the UK since 2007. He is a dancer, singer, look-a-like and impersonator. Also nick-named as "The Dancing Machine!!" which is a name and reputation that he truly lives up to!

Rory Jackson Is one of the busiest tribute acts in the UK. So far in 2016 he has worked continuously at an average of 3 to 4 shows per week performing all over the UK.

very venue he has performed at has come back with the comment “Amazing” and the diary is filling fast for 2017 and 2018.

Rory has a huge fan base all over Britain and an incredible International following and has rapidly gained his reputation as The Best Michael Jackson tribute act ever seen. His fan base and clientele will be quick to say so. Not only has Rory got fine attention to detail, his onstage energy and Dance skill is his main selling point. There has been no Michael Jackson dance fanatic that has ever been able to equal Rory Jackson.

Check out Rory’s Facebook Page and see for yourself what his Fans and Bookers say about him, and lookout for the forthcoming performances. His Facebook fan page is full of the latest stage footage, photos and events... He may be coming to a town near you!

In 2016 Rory took to the stage in Britain’s Got Talent Series 10, this earned Rory virtual overnight fame in April 2016 when he was aired on the show catching the eyes of over Ten Million viewers around the World and counting.

On the show, it is fair to say that the Judges loved him...

Rory Jackson, Birth Name Rory Prescott, impressed the panel with a dance performance of “Billie Jean” and “Jam” Showing off his slick moves and incredible Moonwalking skill, to get Four Yes’s through to the next round of the Semi-Final.

Head Judge Simon Cowell said, “If I was watching that from another 100 feet away, I would have believed that was Michael Jackson” This is very well deserved, Four Yes’s Congratulations!

Alesha Dixon said, “I was at the Bad Tour Concert, and you did a really good job, you should be really proud of yourself”.

Stephen Mulhern also said on a radio interview and a magazine, “In 10 years of doing Britain’s Got Talent” My favourite contestant has to be Rory Jackson as Michael Jackson! “He is Outstanding!

Rory passed Stephen Mulherne’s challenge on ‘ Britain’s Got More Talent ’ ITV2 Show, of Dancing non-stop until Stephen said stop, this was a moment when Stephen and his crew saw Rory demonstrate true dancing stamina, as Rory didn’t stop for a full 20 minutes before Stephen gave in and said “Ok Rory Jackson STOP! Leaving Stephen completely gob smacked and impressed because Rory wasn’t even out of breath!

Since the Television appearance Rory has enjoyed National and International Fame and attention from the public not to mention Michael Jackson Fan’s from all around the World.

Over the years Rory has also helped others follow their dreams of becoming a tribute artist. Young MJ performers from all over the World follow Rory and even contact him for advice. Rory is always looking for new ways to become the best performer he can be and encourages others in the industry to become the best they can be. He has worked in the entertainment industry since childhood just like his Idol. From the Age of 8 years old he was already a promising Classical Dancer and did his first Michael Jackson Solo Performance at the Playhouse Theatre in Harlow just aged 14 years old.

He was trained as a ballet dancer from the age of 8 until he was 16 before he decided that his real passion was to be a Michael Jackson Tribute Artist, as this was what made him stand out. It came very naturally to Rory and his skills developed very rapidly from the start. When ever asked about why he wanted to become a Michael Jackson Tribute Artist, Rory’s response was always “Whenever I saw Michael Jackson perform, I found copying his dancing style came naturally to me, in fact it looked to me as something enjoyable and fun to do. I enjoy the feeling of being Michael, and I dedicate myself to looking and performing like him in the finest detail. I love sharing the experience with other people and have them recapture the Michael Jackson experience first-hand”...

Rory Jackson’s attention to detail is what makes his show stand out from the rest. Rory is also the same height, build and weight as Michael Jackson. Standing 5ft 9 inches tall with Michael Jackson look alike hair, eyebrows and hairline, permed to precision and maintained in the BAD Era hairstyle which is 100% his own hair! No extensions or hair pieces needed!!! This makes Rory's hairstyle the closest to Michael Jackson's head of hair out of all the other top MJ look-a-likes and tribute artists in the world, giving you the perfect look-a-like appearance. Not only that, he has MJ's stage presence and will make you feel like the man himself is there dancing in the flesh right in front of you before your very eyes.

There is nothing fake on stage with Rory Jackson! He's 100% natural at impersonating Michael Jackson and his dancing totally defines the words skill and stamina. So if you'll love to see MJ's moonwalking magic up close and personal, Rory Jackson is the man to come and see!